Xingteng successfully passed the external audit of the quality and safety management system in 2022.


From November 9 to 11, teacher Zhao, an audit expert from Beijing huasilian certification center, came to xingteng to carry out the external audit of the quality management system. Liu Jianhui, deputy general manager of xingteng base, and heads of departments participated in the external audit.

At the first meeting, the audit teacher introduced the requirements, methods and processes of this audit. The audit will be carried out in strict accordance with the national standards, and the operation of the quality management system of various departments of the company will be reviewed and spot checked.

First meeting

The audit experts conducted a systematic review of the process operation of Xingteng's quality management system by consulting documents, reading records, on-site observation, and visiting personnel.

Last Meeting

At the last meeting, the audit teacher summarized the audit work and affirmed that the overall quality management system of our company is running well, the operation process is orderly and controlled, the operation results are effective and compliant, and meet the requirements of quality management operation standards,smooth passageThis audit.

Through this external audit, it is hoped that all departments will continue to strengthen the work of the quality management system, carry out self-inspection, analyze the reasons, formulate effective measures to prevent and continuously improve, so as to improve the company's quality control work and ensure the continuous and effective operation of the quality management system.




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