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Guangdong Xingtengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

One of the large domestic feed compound trace elements professional production enterprises

Guangdong Xingteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, production and sales of premixed feed of mineral trace elements for livestock and poultry and aquatic products and various feed grade single mineral trace element additives. It is currently one of the large-scale professional production enterprises of feed compound trace elements in China. Created by a multidisciplinary talent team, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in 2014. Xingtenke's premixed feed for pig, chicken, duck and fish was rated as a famous brand product in Guangdong Province.

The company has accumulated 20 years of training and experience in the research and application of trace element premix, maintained long-term cooperation with domestic agricultural colleges and universities, and established the "Huanong-Xingtenke Animal Trace Element Nutrition Research Center", set up a professional trace element testing center, testing equipment and means in the forefront of domestic counterparts. The company often uses its own technical strength and hires university experts to provide various types of technical lectures and technical consultations for feed companies and farms to provide customers with technical support. The company has successfully cooperated with large agricultural and animal husbandry group twin group, Wen's group, Wangda group, new hope group, Zhengda Kangding group and other enterprises. The company will continue to focus on independent research and development, increase investment, to create a world-class agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises.


Research and application of trace element premix


Identified as a high-tech enterprise


agricultural enterprises in guangdong province

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Chairman's Speech

Create the world's high-quality agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises in the field of micro-mining.

The road is not smooth, but we are convinced that the dream is not far away.

Because of a restless heart, we embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Over the bumpy, the pace is firm and persistent. Along the way... Looking back, I am grateful for your help. Life needs to be moved. In the journey of common progress, we are not only to get rid of poverty, not only to create wealth, not only to obtain satisfaction, not only to give the glory of society in dedication. We are willing to weave a colorful life together... In the struggle, we are not willing to be plain. Micro-minerals, resource products. In the process of mankind's continuous demand from Mother Earth, we deeply realize that the cause is not simple. Quality control and research and development will be the eternal theme of the micro-mining industry. One is to achieve safety and quality through strict process flow, process innovation and testing control; the other is to achieve low-cost and high-efficiency product-oriented research and development and use through in-depth research on nutritional requirements and continuous improvement of dietary mineral content database. Because, "resource conservation, environmental friendliness" is the common vision of the economy and society. Trust comes from the good. The same is true for the sincere cooperation between industry and enterprises and between people, because there has never been love and hate for no reason in the world. Ten years of marketing, demand and meet the needs of the reciprocating. Focus, sincerity and professional focus, so that we forged a deep friendship and trust. We always listen to and study your needs... We rely on science and technology to create great achievements, and we see real achievements in the details. Every step of the way, my team and friends and I feel solid. It is our dream to create an agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise in the world of micro-mining. The road is not smooth, but we are convinced that the dream is not far away.

Enterprise culture

spirit of enterprise

By relying on science and technology to create a great cause, the subtle see the real work

Brand culture concept

No "micro", we have been pursuing

Brand Values

Fine, accurate, neat, live

Quality Safety Policy

Plastic corporate image, create high-quality brand

Enterprise Objectives

To create a micro-mining field of the world's agricultural and animal husbandry enterprises

Enterprise Architecture

Guangdong Xingtengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Located in Guangdong Zhaoqing National High-tech Zone, covers an area of 30 acres. Two sets of professional premix production lines for trace elements have been built and put into use, and an advanced pretreatment workshop for micro-mineral monomers has been established. The production process fully meets the special requirements of premix for trace elements and is at a leading level in China.

Guangxi Xingtengke Biological Feed Co., Ltd.

Located in Ertang Industrial Park, Qingxiu District, Nanning City, with superior environment and complete supporting facilities, it is a high-tech enterprise focusing on science, industry and trade. The company implements strict quality control system and carries out quality management according to the certification requirements of the head office. In order to meet the requirements of the concept of "quality first", the company has equipped a batch of high-intensity automatic inspection equipment such as full-automatic atomic absorption spectrophotometer and visible-violet spectrophotometer, relying on the successful experience and management of Guangdong Corporation for many years Model, expand and enter the Guangxi market, and contribute to the development of Guangxi's animal husbandry.

Zhejiang Huzhou Xingtengke Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Located in Hefu Town Industrial Park, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, it is 150 kilometers east of Shanghai, 200 kilometers north of Nanjing and 80 kilometers south of Hangzhou, with convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 20 acres, with a construction area of more than 4000 square meters, and has a fully automatic computer-based premixed feed production line. The company attaches great importance to product quality, the new testing center covers an area of more than 200 square meters, with atomic absorption spectrophotometer, high performance liquid chromatograph and other supporting testing instruments, the company has a high-quality enterprise team, and domestic agricultural colleges and universities to maintain a long-term close cooperative relationship, pay attention to technological innovation, to ensure product safety, stability and efficiency.

Shandong Taian Xingteng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Anwei is located in Chaoquan Industrial Park, Feicheng City, Tai 'an City, Shandong Province. The company covers an area of 20 mu, with a production workshop of 3000 square meters and an office research building of 1000 square meters. It has one premix production line and one additive production line. The production equipment and testing facilities are complete, the testing procedures are perfect, and the design production capacity is 60000 tons of premix and additives per year.


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