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Protein salt composite ore

Small peptide chelated protein salt-a new generation of organic trace element products, by plant-derived peptides and trace elements in a special process of chelating, with good stability, high absorption efficiency, reduce antagonism, low emissions and other advantages. The chelation of trace elements and small peptides is equivalent to putting a layer of "protective armor" on the trace elements, which can effectively avoid antagonism with other trace elements or calcium and phosphorus; it can also protect the trace elements themselves from being combined by phytic acid; It can also effectively reduce the adverse effects on other nutrients such as fats and vitamins. In terms of absorption, trace elements rely on the unique absorption channel of small peptides to be absorbed by the small intestinal villi epithelium in the form of a whole. Studies have shown that the small peptide absorption channel has the advantages of fast absorption, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and difficult carrier saturation.