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Selenium has the titles of "fire of life", "longevity element", "king of anti-cancer", "patron saint of heart" and so on. Selenium is not only an essential trace element for human body, but also an essential trace element for animals, which plays an important physiological function in animals.


Selenium can improve the antioxidant capacity and immunity of animals, and promote the growth and development of animals.Selenium deficiency is one of the common diseases of livestock and poultry in the world, causing great economic losses to animal husbandry production.

2/3 of China is a selenium-deficient region

(from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences)


It should be noted thatSelenium supplement should be appropriate. Because a significant feature of selenium is that it has a narrow range between nutritional and toxic doses.


Therefore, the development and utilization of low toxicity and high efficiency selenium products has attracted much attention. This paper mainly shares the absorption mechanism of inorganic selenium, organic selenium and nano-selenium, product characteristics and the application of nano-selenium in livestock and poultry production.








Selenium Forms & Absorption




Forms of Selenium


In livestock production, selenium additives mainly includeInorganic selenium (sodium selenite, sodium selenate), organic selenium (yeast selenium, selenomethionine), nano selenium.


Inorganic selenium has high toxicity and low utilization rate. Compared with inorganic selenium, organic selenium has higher absorption and utilization value and less acute toxicity, and is considered to be a better selenium product. At present, organic selenium has gradually replaced inorganic selenium to be popularized.


With the further study of selenium additives,Nano-selenium due to itsHigh bioavailability and low toxicitycaused widespread concern in the livestock industry. Compared with sodium selenite, selenomethionine and other selenium supplement products, nano-selenium not only has better absorption efficiency but also has a strong advantage of low toxicity and high efficiency.(Xu et al., 2003;Zhang et al., 2005, 2008 ;Wang et al., 2007).


related research

Inacute toxicityOn the other hand, the poisoning doses of inorganic selenium and organic selenium were 15 mg/kg and 49 mg/kg, respectively, while the nano selenium was 113 mg/kg.

Nano-selenium is the least acute toxic selenium supplement found so far..


Absorption of inorganic selenium and organic selenium


Inorganic selenium in the body is achieved throughpassive absorptionThe way is absorbed by the intestine, such as sodium selenite is absorbed in a simple diffusion form, and sodium selenate is absorbed in a co-transport manner. Inorganic selenium into the animal after the intestinal tract, onlySmall amounts of selenium involved in binding to form selenoproteinsBy the body to use, most of the selenium into the kidney by metabolism, low utilization rate.


While selenomethionine is similar to the amino acid transport mechanism, it isactive absorptionof(Combs et al.). Therefore, selenomethionine has a higher absorption availability than sodium selenite.


Characteristics and Absorption of Nano-Selenium


Nanoselenium is a zero-valent organic selenium with protein as the core, red elemental selenium as the membrane, and protein as the dispersant.


High-quality nano-selenium hasthermal stability, It is not easy to convert into gray or black element selenium, it is easily soluble in water, and its absorption rate and activity are high.Studies by Zhang et al. have shown that the size of nanoparticles has an important influence on the biological function of nano-selenium, and nano-selenium with smaller particle size has higher biological activity.




There are two main ways for animals to absorb nano-selenium, one isActive Transshipmentmechanism way through the intestinal wall into the body, the other ispassive diffusionways to be absorbed.The number of surface atoms and the number of dangling bonds and unsaturated bonds of nanoparticles are more, so that they haveHigher surface activity, its physical adsorption and chemical adsorption capacity is much greater than the bulk material, which is easy to be directly absorbed by the animal gastrointestinal tract.(Chen Hui et al., 2005).


The results show that the effect of adding nano selenium on the selenium content in the tissue is more obvious than that of adding sodium selenite, and it also has an increasing trend compared with organic selenium (Shi Liguang et al., 2009).









Factors affecting the absorption of selenium in the body




Vitamin E

Vitamin E has a synergistic effect with selenium. Vitamin E can reduce the body's consumption of selenium. Adequate vitamin E can improve the body's ability to use selenium, selenium accumulation in the liver can be doubled.


iron deficiency

There is sufficient iron, can improve the utilization of selenium. Patients with iron deficiency anemia may also have reduced activity of glutathione peroxidase (a type of selenoprotein). In this case, iron should be supplemented at the same time as selenium, so that the activity of glutathione peroxidase can be restored to normal level in time.


Low content of sulfur-containing amino acids

Low levels of sulfur amino acids in the diet directly affect the synthesis of glutathione. Glutathione is the basic reactant of selenium-containing glutathione peroxidase, and its insufficient content will directly affect the ability to remove peroxides. Therefore, protein intake is less, and the content of amino acids and selenium in the body is lower.


Animal species

Studies have shown that rumen microorganisms convert selenium into insoluble selenium, and then the intestinal absorption of selenium is lower than that of monogastric animals.


Forms of Selenium

Different forms of selenium are absorbed by the body through different ways, and their absorption efficiency is different.Compared with inorganic selenium, organic selenium has higher bioavailability.

Due to the particle size of nano-seleniumThe surface area increases, and the adhesion to the biofilm increases,It is beneficial to increase the contact area between nano-selenium and the intestinal wall and prolong the contacttime, thus facilitating the absorption of the animal's gastrointestinal tract and improving biologicaluse rate to maximize its function. Studies have shown that the absorption rate of nano-selenium is significantly better than that of inorganic selenium.








Application of Nano-Selenium in Animal Production




Application in poultry production


In poultry production, selenium supplementation is mainly used to increase tissue selenium deposition, improve growth and reproductive performance, enhance antioxidant, immune function, and improve meat quality. Selenium deficiency can lead to decreased immunity in poultry, and even lead to muscular dystrophy and exudative diathesis in severe cases.


related research

Yang Qingli et alThe study found that adding nano-selenium to the feed can reduce the feed-to-weight ratio of laying hens and improve the laying rate and average egg weight of laying hens. On the 42nd day, the serum immunoglobulin content of each experimental group increased. Compared with the control group, the serum protein content of laying hens increased, cholesterol, triglyceride and uric acid content decreased, and the selenium content of egg yolk also increased.


Qu Xiangyong et alThe results showed that the addition of nano-selenium in the diet could significantly reduce the muscle water loss rate, improve the meat tenderness and selenium deposition in the muscle, and the effect was better than that of yeast selenium.


Xu BaohuaThe analysis of Avian broiler breast muscle quality showed that when 0.50 mg/kg selenium was added (high dose), nano selenium significantly reduced muscle drip loss, improved muscle red color and increased muscle myoglobin content compared with methionine selenium and sodium selenite.


Application in pig production


When the selenium content in the diet is less than 0.1 mg/kg, pigs will have selenium deficiency such as liver necrosis, white myopathy, mulberry heart disease, circulatory disorder and swelling disease; selenium poisoning will occur when the content exceeds 7.5 mg/kg.

Nano-selenium can promote the growth of piglets, improve the antioxidant capacity of the body, enhance the immunity of the body, improve the quality of pork, improve the quality of boar semen, sow reproductive performance and so on.


related research

Xiong Li et alSodium selenite and nano-selenium were fed to weaned piglets respectively. The results showed that the growth performance of nano-selenium group was significantly higher than that of sodium selenite group when selenium concentration was 0.4, 0.5 and 1.0 mg/kg.


Dai Wuzhou et alThe effect of nano-selenium on finishing pigs was studied, and it was found that the SOD activity in the serum of finishing pigs increased by 12.93 by adding 0.5 mg/kg nano-selenium to the diet.


Marin-Guzman等 The addition of 0.5 mg/kg nano-selenium to the diet of boars increased sperm motility by 27.5 and normal sperm content by 27.7 per cent, increasing the fertilization rate by 25.1 per cent.


Application of Nano-Selenium in Other Animal Production


Nano-selenium can improveruminantsproduction performance, antioxidant and immune capacity, improve milk quality and tissue selenium deposition, to improve the reproductive performance of ruminants.


InAquacultureOn the other hand, nano-selenium added to feed fish can improve the antioxidant of fish.capacity and immunity, improve growth performance.







Find Yule Selenium for Selenium Supplementation



Yule Selenium-- Our company adopts a unique production process, the product particle size is small, not easy to cluster black, higher stability, improve the bioavailability of selenium.


Functional features


Improve the body's antioxidant capacity

Enhance immunity, reduce animal stress;


Improve meat quality, egg quality,

improve the selenium deposition of animal products;


Improve animal growth performance, reproductive performance, etc.




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