See "micro" know the trace element-copper.













absorption of copper



For a long time, copper additives in animal diets were mainlyInorganic salts (copper sulfate, copper carbonate, etc.) are supplied in the form of such copper additives, which are easily antagonistic to other nutrients in the feed, with easy decomposition, low absorption rate, poor palatability, easy poisoning, single nutrition, high excretion rate and environmental pollution.and other characteristics.

And the chemical structure of inorganic copper is unstable, and it will combine with some acid roots in plant feed to form insoluble salt which is not easy to be absorbed by animals and excreted in vitro, thus affecting the absorption of copper.

Small peptide chelated copper is made of small peptide and copper element under certain conditions, which has good chemical stability,Can effectively alleviate the antagonistic effect of iron and zincand the copper ions are effectively protected during the digestion process,Reduce the influence of the environment and substances in the intestine on itIt is absorbed and utilized by the body through the unique absorption channel of the small peptide, thereby improving the body's utilization of copper.








Factors affecting the absorption and utilization of copper in the body




feed factors

The basic characteristics of feed in China are:Cake meal feed with high copper contentAnimal feed, grass powder, leaf powder, bran feed, followed by cereal feed content is the lowest.Animals have different utilization rates of copper in different feeds.

Some in the feed.Nutritional substancesIt also affects the absorption and utilization of copper in animals, for example, studies have shown thatLow levels of protein in feed reduce the biological potency of copper.

Some in feedmineral elementSuch as calcium, cadmium, zinc, iron, etc. can significantly affect the absorption and utilization of copper, in which there are more reports on zinc and iron. Studies have shown that,When the dietary iron level is higher than the normal requirement, the liver copper storage can be reduced., which illustrates the inhibitory effect of iron on copper uptake. Rithie and Dogoey's research suggests that zinc supplementation reduces liver copper levels while also preventing copper poisoning.

Therefore, in the design of the formula, for trace elements to take into account various factors,Fully consider the relationship between the elementsFind the appropriate proportion to control the antagonistic effect between them.

In addition, in the feedPhytateIt can form a stable complex with copper to reduce the absorption and utilization of copper.


The animal's own factors

different kinds of animalsDue to the difference of digestion structure, the absorption and utilization of copper are also different.There is a big difference between ruminants and non-ruminants.. Many studies at home and abroad have pointed out that high doses of copper can improve the daily weight gain and feed efficiency of pigs, while there is no significant effect on broilers.

Different physiological states of the same animalIt also affects the absorption and utilization of copper, and the secretion of estrogen can lead to an increase in the amount of copper in the blood.


Forms of copper

Like electronics, trace elements are being updated iteratively. From the traditional inorganic salt to the recently often discussed small peptide chelate salt, different forms of trace elements in the absorption efficiency, palatability, stability, there are differences.

In the previous article, we mentioned a lot of test results, proved that the small peptide chelated copper has a certain role in improving animal growth performance, maintaining normal physiological and biochemical processes, and inLow usage, low emissions, high absorptionIt has excellent application effect.







Application of Copper in Livestock and Poultry



As an essential trace element, copper not only hasAntioxidant, participate in the body's immune regulation, improve the body's immunity, maintain the normal metabolism of iron, conducive to hemoglobin synthesis and red blood cell maturationand other functions, but also has a certain role in maintaining the color of animal fur.

Especially for weaned piglets, whose gastrointestinal function is not yet fully developed, adding copper can improve their absorption environment, thereby increasing the growth rate.

For the reproductive performance of livestock and poultry, copper pairs.Maintain normal pregnancy and reproduction rate of animalsSuch as has an important impact.Copper deficiencyIt will lead to a decline in the reproduction rate of livestock and poultry, a decline in libido and semen, and infertility and stillbirth.

In the use of trace elements, only the right amount of added to maximize the function of copper, copper deficiency and copper poisoning are not desirable.

copper poisoningIt is a toxic disease characterized by abdominal pain, diarrhea, abnormal liver function, anemia, reproductive disorders, etc., caused by excessive intake of copper in animals. We have traditionally addedInorganic copper, due to its low biological potency and low cost, is often added in excess of the limit..

New Generationsmall peptide chelated copperHas a higher biological potency, can playLow dosage, high absorption, low emissionsThe effect.





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