See "micro" know what life element-zinc




Zinc is one of the essential trace elements in animal body

Has a wide range of physiological and biochemical functions

It's called the "element of life"

Zinc surplus and deficiency in feed and its balance

Will not only affect the efficiency of livestock production

and feed utilization rate

It also affects the zinc content in livestock and poultry products.

thus affecting people's health











Absorption of zinc

The absorption site of zinc varies from animal species to animal species. Inmonogastric animalzinc mainly indistal small intestineabsorb; inruminantsIn, about 1/3 of zinc is inTrue stomach.absorption; most of the rest of the animals, zinc mainly insmall intestineAbsorb.Zinc absorption in the chicken begins in the glandular stomachThe small intestine has a large amount of absorption, especially the duodenum has the strongest absorption.

According to the study,The biological potency of organic zinc is higher than that of inorganic zinc. Organic zinc is stable in the digestive tract and can be more effectively transported from the intestinal villi to the cell epithelium, and then transformed into a form with biological functions for the body to use.


Excretion of zinc

Under normal circumstances,Zinc is excreted mainly through feces. Most of the zinc in manure is not absorbedexogenous zincThere is also a small part of endogenous zinc secreted by the digestive tract, which is excreted through the intestinal tract with pancreatic juice and intestinal juice, and little zinc is excreted with urine. In addition, throughSweat, milk, shedding hairIt can also discharge part of it, and the laying hens can also discharge part of the zinc through the egg. Kan









Application of Zinc in Livestock and Poultry







Zinc is a component of many enzymes and functional proteins in the body, and is involved inCell proliferation and differentiation, gene transcription, translationlife activities, andAnimal growth and development, immune response, energy metabolism, endocrine regulation and reproductionand so on are closely related.


The effect of zinc on livestock and poultry is mainly reflected in the regulationintestinal function. Zinc has the characteristics of antioxidant, so the addition of zinc in livestock and poultry diets can beRelieve the intestinal oxidative stress and enhance the intestinal mucosal barrier of weaned piglets, regulate the intestinal flora of livestock and poultry, maintain the homeostasis of intestinal microenvironment, and reduce the occurrence of diarrhea.


Zinc can also affect intestinal immune function by activating various intestinal immune cell differentiation and immune signaling pathways.AndZincLack often leads to growth retardation, diarrhea, skin keratinization and decreased immune function and other adverse consequences, seriously affecting animal health.








Factors affecting the absorption and utilization of zinc in the body




diet composition


according to reports,High calcium diets (especially diets for monogastric animals, poultry and fish) often lead to zinc deficiency. Calcium not only affects the absorption of zinc, but also affects the distribution of zinc in the body.

This is the relationship between calcium and zinc.antagonism. Other elements such as phosphorus, copper and iron have antagonistic relationship with zinc, and the competition between zinc and these elements will reduce its bioavailability.


factors such as digestive tract environment

In addition, the digestive tract environment (stomach, pancreas, bile and pH), the type and quantity of chelating agents in the diet and other dietary components, the physiological stage of livestock (growth, pregnancy, lactation, etc.) have important effects on the absorption and utilization of zinc.


Forms of zinc

The different forms of zinc addition also have an important effect on the absorption of zinc.

Since the 1990 s, many experiments have proved that there is a small peptide transport system in animals.Most of the final products of proteins in the digestive tract are often small peptides rather than free amino acids, which can be absorbed directly into intestinal mucosal cells by passive objects..

Le Guowei and others in the study of small peptide chelation trace elements in the report mentioned that the protein in the process of degradation to amino acids to produce a large number of intermediate small peptides, small peptides can be intact through the intestinal mucosal cells and enter the systemic circulation.



This is the small peptide absorption theory.

The theory holds that small peptides can be directly absorbed into the blood circulation in the form of peptides, and compared with the absorption of amino acids, it has the advantages of fast absorption, not easy to saturate, low energy consumption, and there is no competition between the small peptide absorption system and the amino acid absorption system.

Therefore, the small peptide chelate zinc, which uses the small peptide as a ligand, is absorbed and utilized by the body mainly through the absorption channel of the small peptide, and has more advantages in absorption and utilization efficiency than amino acid chelate zinc, inorganic zinc, etc.






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