Everyone participates in fire fighting and builds a "firewall" for safe production"


In order to further improve the quality of fire control and enhance the ability of self-defense and self-rescue,Xingteng Ke responded to the organization and call of the fire brigade of Zhaoqing High-tech Zone, and all employees participated in the 2022 fire safety training and fire drills of the High-tech Zone.


Fire is caused by "people", disaster is caused by "fire"

Fire is one of the disasters that threaten public safety and endanger people's lives and property, and it is very destructive. Therefore, the fire work is a very important work.

This safety training mainly focuses on four aspects: fire-related laws and regulations, fire situation analysis, fire safety inspection and rectification, initial fire fighting and evacuation. The training teacher combined with the typical cases in recent years, vividly explained the importance of safety production to employees. Hidden dangers are from open flames, and fire hazards are everywhere. Every employee of an enterprise should improve fire safety awareness, use fire cautiously, and standardize production.

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Carry out fire emergency drills and build a safe "firewall"

In order to further improve the staff's fire safety awareness and emergency handling ability, a fire emergency drill was organized.

Fire escape essentials: bend over and cover your nose to help the wall


Fire points were also set up at the scene for actual combat drills. Enterprise safety responsible personnel for employees to explain in detail the fire extinguisher and fire water gun operation points. The site personnel shall operate in a standardized manner.


Through this exercise, the fire safety awareness of enterprise employees has been enhanced, the practical ability of enterprise employees to deal with fires has been improved, and a "firewall" has been built for enterprise safety production ".



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