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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the economic level of our people, people have higher requirements for food. Low-fat and high-protein aquatic products are more and more popular, and the aquaculture industry has developed rapidly. Accordingly, aquaculture environment is also more and more attention.

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High-density farming, bad drug habits, excessive addition of fertilizer bait..... A variety of unreasonable farming methods are easy to cause pollution to the aquaculture pond water.


Aquaculture pond water pollution will not onlyAquatic productsgrowth and development has obvious inhibitory effect, leading to frequent disease and even large-scale death,EconomyDamage, but also cause localWaterseutrophication, so that the water produces a large number of toxic substances, the impactfeeding workhealth and sustainable development, and ultimately endangerhuman health.


Therefore, we should pay attention to the aquaculture environment, and ensure the quality of aquatic products by controlling the pollution of the aquaculture environment, and promote the healthy development of the aquaculture industry.



Cultured pond habitat is aThree-dimensional life systemNot only aquaculture animals are important members of this life system, but algal phase, microbial phase, physical and chemical factors and zooplankton, organic suspended matter, sediment, etc. are also important members of this three-way life system.We should not only focus onQuality of Life of Aquaculture AnimalsAlso, pay attention to this life system.The quality of life of each member and the interactive influence of each otherSo as to maintain the health, metabolism and operation of the whole life system.


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In the pond habitat,SediplasmIt is an important part of the pond habitat. Aquaculture pond sediment ecological restoration is coveredStereoscopic Ecological Restoration of Algal Phase, Microbial Phase and Physicochemical Factors in Habitat(Hu Yadong, 2010).


Enzyme essence,Ecological repair agent type I,micro-mineral carbon source

used together,According to farmingWater bodyPrinciple of microbial symbiosis balanceimprove the pond by supplementing mineral elements and special nutrientsDiversity and stability of microbial communities, at the same timeLong-term control of toxic substances such as ammonia nitrogen and nitrite in water. Through the intervention of algae phase, microbial phase and physical and chemical factor phase in the pond ecosystem, the effect of ecological restoration of pond sediment and aquaculture habitat was achieved.



Usage and dosage

Enzyme extract (2kg)+ micro-mineral carbon source (5kg)+ ecological repair agent type I (100kg)


Sealed fermentation for 2-3 days (water temperature above 28 degrees) or 4-5 days (water temperature below 28 degrees), the amount of water splashing per mu is 2-3kg, and it is used once every 2-4 days.


Product efficacy


  • After fermentation, it can efficiently decompose and transform ammonia nitrogen, biological floc, macroalgae, residual bait, fish feces, humus and other source organic matter into native microorganisms (such as rotifers, etc.), which can be used as fish bait,Reduce feed feeding;

  • Efficient use of nitrogen salt, directReduce the accumulation of ammonia nitrogen and sub salt in aquaculture water;

  • Control the algal phase, decompose cyanobacteria, dinoflagellates and dinoflagellates, inhibit the formation of undesirable algal phase,Maintain the algal phase vitality of the water body


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