Official Release of "Key Points of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Work in Guangdong Province in 2022"

Key Points of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Work in Guangdong Province in 2022


In 2022, the province's animal husbandry and veterinary work will be guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, in-depth implementation of the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference and the Central Document No. 1. Implement the new development concept and adhere to the primary task of stabilizing production and maintaining supply, with the goal of not having major regional animal epidemics and major animal product quality and safety accidents, we will accelerate the "four transformations", promote the high-quality development of animal husbandry and veterinary undertakings in the province, and help rural revitalization and agricultural and rural modernization.


1. Stabilize Pig Production and Ensure Effective Supply of Livestock and Poultry Products


(I) implement the pig production capacity control mechanism.Strictly implement the "vegetable basket" mayor responsibility system and rural revitalization performance assessment, urge all cities to implement the responsibility of stable production and supply of live pigs, continue to maintain the current effective pig industry support policy unchanged, and the province's slaughter of more than 33 million live pigs. Establish a cross-cycle regulation mechanism for pig production, organize the implementation of the province's pig production capacity regulation plan, build a number of pig production capacity regulation bases at or above the provincial level, and give full play to the role of pig production capacity regulation bases to ensure that the normal number of breeding sows is stable at about 1.91 million. The minimum number of pigs is not less than 1.71 million, and the number of large-scale pig farms (households) is not less than 4500.


(II) grasp the production of poultry and other livestock and poultry.Stabilize poultry production and improve the level of standardization, modernization and intelligence of poultry breeding. Strengthen the popularization of poultry meat and egg consumption, and steadily increase the proportion of poultry product consumption. Actively develop the cattle and sheep industry, promote the moderate scale breeding model, and promote the incremental quality of beef cattle and sheep production. Implement actions to enhance the competitiveness of the dairy industry, promote the quality and efficiency of the dairy industry, vigorously develop standardized scale breeding of dairy cows, strengthen the construction of high-quality milk source bases, and expand and strengthen the dairy enterprises in our province. We will vigorously develop the production of pigeons, partridges, quails, bees and other special livestock and poultry to meet the diversified needs of the market.


(III) strengthen statistical monitoring and early warning.Strengthen the monitoring of all aspects of livestock and poultry production, slaughter, and market, do a good job in data analysis and information release of the entire industry chain, give full play to the role of industry associations, strengthen the analysis and judgment of the livestock and poultry production and supply situation, use the news media to strengthen publicity, reasonably guide market expectations, and scientifically Guide farms (households) to arrange production reasonably and release them in an orderly manner. Organize technical guidance services to guide the timely elimination of low-yielding sows and optimize the production capacity structure of pigs. Promote scientific and healthy breeding, strengthen cost control and benefit management, strive to improve the efficiency of livestock and poultry production, and promote cost-saving, quality and efficiency.


2. the development of standardized intelligent green farming, and actively promote the transformation and upgrading of animal husbandry


(IV) actively develop standardized facility breeding.Focusing on the "four transformations", we will promote the construction of a number of livestock and poultry cross-county industrial clusters and characteristic industrial parks, and cultivate the whole industry chain projects for the development of seed industry, breeding, slaughtering and processing, and cold chain distribution. Accelerate the elimination of low-level breeding, develop standardized, large-scale, and ecological green breeding, promote the upgrading and transformation of livestock and poultry farms, and promote the application of automated and intelligent facilities and equipment. Continue to carry out standardized breeding farms and beautiful pastures demonstration activities. In 2022, no less than 6 national standardized breeding demonstration farms (communities), 200 provincial standardized breeding demonstration farms (communities) and 12 modern beautiful pastures in Guangdong Province will be established. Demonstration drives the development of standardized facility breeding.


(V) continue to promote the utilization of livestock and poultry manure resources.Support the entire county (city) in eligible areas to promote the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, and continuously improve the level of manure treatment and utilization of farms and supporting facilities and equipment. Support the promotion of clean breeding and the full amount of manure collection, treatment and utilization of technical models, encourage the construction of agricultural and animal husbandry recycling large-scale livestock and poultry farms around large-scale planting bases, promote the use of manure nearby, and promote the combination of agriculture and animal husbandry and recycling development. In 2022, the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry manure in the province will reach more than 77%, and the matching rate of manure treatment facilities and equipment in large-scale farms will reach more than 95%.


(VI) strengthen the brand building of animal husbandry.Carry out special activities for the promotion and promotion of animal husbandry, make full use of the "12221" market system through platforms such as the China Agricultural Fair, the Pig Industry Expo, and the Prefabricated Vegetable Development Conference, and focus on the promotion of the four famous chickens in Lingnan and other characteristic and advantageous varieties, and cooperate with the Nanfang Daily, Southern Rural News and other news media have comprehensively strengthened the modern animal husbandry industry model and livestock and poultry brand culture promotion. Guide enterprises to strengthen brand building, build Guangdong-brand animal husbandry brands, strengthen production and marketing docking, extend the industrial chain, promote "high quality and good price", and improve core competitiveness and anti-risk ability.


3. Strengthen System Construction and Consolidate the Foundation of Animal Epidemic Prevention


(VII) improve the system of policies and regulations.Formulate the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Veterinary Health in Guangdong Province" and "Development Plan for the Slaughter Industry in Guangdong Province", revise the "Emergency Plan for Major Animal Epidemics", "Guangdong Conghua Equine Animal Disease Regionalization Management Measures" and "Guangdong Province" Guiding Opinions on the Setting of Poultry Slaughtering Plants (Farm) "to further standardize veterinary and slaughter management. Carry out a series of news reports, training and competition activities, publicize and implement the "Guangdong Province Animal Epidemic Prevention Regulations", and create a good atmosphere for group prevention and control.


(VIII) strengthen the construction of animal epidemic prevention system.Implement the spirit of the Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of the System for the Prevention and Control of Animal and Plant Diseases at the Grass-roots Level by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Central Editorial Office (2022 No. 1), strengthen the construction of the animal epidemic prevention system at the grass-roots level, improve the team of animal epidemic prevention agencies, and ensure that there are people responsible, people doing work, and people taking care of things. In conjunction with the establishment, finance, and human resources and social security departments, we will study and formulate the "Guangdong Province Veterinary Professional and Technical Personnel Staffing Standards" to strengthen the grassroots animal epidemic prevention and quarantine forces. Strengthen the construction of the official veterinary team, implement the contracted veterinary system and the special appointment plan for animal epidemic prevention commissioners, strengthen the management of practicing veterinarians and rural veterinarians, explore socialized veterinary services, and build a diversified animal epidemic prevention team system.


4. Strengthen Prevention and Control Measures to Effectively Prevent and Control Animal Diseases


(IX) will not slacken efforts to prevent and control swine fever in Africa.Implement a grid-based investigation system, implement comprehensive monitoring of large-scale pig farms, strengthen monitoring of slaughter, transportation and harmless treatment links, timely analysis and early warning, and eliminate hidden dangers of the epidemic. Once the epidemic is found, "early, fast and strict" disposal, timely tracking of the source, strictly prevent the spread of the epidemic. Strengthen biosafety management, carry out large-scale cleaning and disinfection operations, and promote the construction of African swine fever-free communities. Strengthen the supervision of pig transportation, and seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations.


(X) implementation of detailed animal disease prevention and control measures.Strengthen the prevention and control of major animal diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease and highly pathogenic avian influenza, and do a good job in the prevention and control of common diseases such as classical swine fever, highly pathogenic porcine blue ear disease, and porcine epidemic diarrhea. We will implement the province's compulsory immunization plan for animal diseases, carry out centralized compulsory immunization in spring and autumn, and do a good job in monitoring and evaluating the immune effect, so as to ensure that the immune density of the population and the qualified rate of immune antibodies meet the standards. We will further promote the reform of compulsory immunization, further expand the scope of pilot projects, simplify the subsidy process, and improve the effect of compulsory immunization and the efficiency of the use of financial funds. Implementation of animal disease monitoring and epidemiological investigation plan, timely analysis of early warning of animal epidemic situation, to prevent the occurrence of epidemic. In accordance with the principle of "overall planning, reasonable layout, regional concentration, and insurance linkage", establish and improve the cross-regional centralized harmless treatment mechanism for sick and dead livestock and poultry. Carry out special research on animal epidemic prevention or flight monitoring of immunization effects to test the effectiveness of animal epidemic prevention work in various places.


(11) Highlight the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.Adhere to the prevention of human diseases and animals, move the gate forward, and focus on the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases at the source. Strictly implement the compulsory immunization system for highly pathogenic avian influenza, replace vaccine strains in a timely manner, strengthen monitoring and early warning of breeding, markets and other links, and promote the implementation of the "1110" system in the live poultry trading market, so as to effectively reduce the risk of human transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza. Carry out special actions for the prevention and control of brucellosis in cattle and sheep, conduct full coverage monitoring of milk and breeding cattle and sheep, and strengthen the quarantine supervision of cross-regional transportation, especially the transfer of cattle and sheep from outside the province. We will further promote the construction of brucellosis purification sites and actively promote the construction of brucellosis-free communities. Strengthening rabies immunization.


(12) Deeply promote the regional management of animal diseases.Deepen zoning prevention and control measures, prohibit the transfer of pigs from outside the province into our province in due course, and promote the transformation from "pig transfer" to "meat transfer. Effectively maintain the disease-free status of the non-regulated equine animal epidemic area in Conghua and maintain stable operation. We will vigorously promote the construction of swine fever-free communities in Africa. We will further promote the purification of animal diseases in livestock and poultry farms, organize the creation of national and provincial purification farms, and promote the healthy development of the livestock and poultry breeding industry. Construction of purification field, epidemic-free areas and epidemic-free areas, zoning prevention and control of the "three-in-one" new animal regional management pattern. The Guangdong-Hong Kong Horse Industry Cooperation Group will take the lead in coordinating the work and vigorously promote the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong horse industry.


5. Strengthen Industry Management to Improve the Development Quality of Slaughter and Feed Veterinary Drug Industry


(13) Further promote the transformation and upgrading of the slaughtering industry.Guide the transfer of the main sales area of pig slaughter capacity to the main production area, and optimize the layout of slaughter capacity. Support the construction of integrated production and marketing slaughter enterprises, encourage brand management, and optimize the development model. Strict slaughter enterprises set up audit and record, do not record those that do not conform to the development plan and industrial policy of the slaughter industry, continue to promote the withdrawal and transfer of small pig slaughter plants (farms), and improve the level of scale. We will vigorously promote the construction of slaughtering standardization and organize the creation of national and provincial standardized slaughtering plants.


(14) Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the feed industry.Focus on the central "efficiency reduction, open source replacement" overall deployment, integrated promotion of low protein diet, feed precision formula, feed fine processing and other key technical measures, support the creation and application of microbial protein raw materials, enzyme preparations, small varieties of amino acids and other new feed products, in-depth promotion of soybean meal reduction replacement. Strengthen feed production and market tracking and scheduling of major feed raw materials, guide enterprises to actively respond to the adverse effects of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, society, economy and nature, adjust product structure and industrial chain layout, integrate and optimize stock production capacity, and enhance the level of scale and intensification. Encourage enterprises to extend and expand the industrial chain, and strengthen the complementary advantages of agricultural production enterprises and breeding enterprises and the integration of upstream and downstream resources.


(15) Effectively strengthen the quality management of the veterinary drug industry.Fully implement the new version of veterinary drug production quality management standards, strict administrative approval of veterinary drug production and operation, and improve the quality management level of veterinary drug production. Comprehensively promote the two-dimensional code traceability supervision of veterinary drug production and operation, and strengthen the risk control of the whole chain of veterinary drugs. Implementation of the Guangdong Province Veterinary Antibacterial Use Reduction Action Plan (2021-2025) to continuously strengthen the comprehensive management of veterinary antibacterial drugs. Strengthen the monitoring of veterinary drug residues in livestock and poultry products and the monitoring of drug resistance of animal-derived bacteria, and rectify the problem of excessive residues in key livestock and poultry products.


6. carry out the whole chain of regulatory action to ensure the healthy development of the industry norms


(16) Carry out special actions for the supervision of epidemic prevention in farms.Supervise and urge farms to strictly implement animal epidemic prevention conditions, implement prevention and control measures such as immunization, testing, disinfection, and harmless treatment, and implement an annual report system on animal epidemic prevention conditions and the implementation of the epidemic prevention system. Strictly implement the quarantine declaration system of origin to ensure the safety and health of livestock and poultry. We will crack down on illegal activities such as discarding and selling sick and dead livestock and poultry at will.


(17) Carry out actions to enhance the ability of animal quarantine supervision.We should straighten out the working mechanism of animal quarantine supervision at the grass-roots level, clarify the responsibilities and tasks, and strengthen the coordination of quarantine supervision and law enforcement. Strengthen the management of official veterinarians, improve the filing of personnel information, carry out personnel training, and standardize the act of issuing certificates. Strengthen the management of animal quarantine and issuance of certificates, strengthen the supervision of the transportation of animals and animal products, and severely crack down on illegal issuance of certificates, reselling of quarantine badges and signs, and illegal transportation. Accelerate the application of the "Zhongnan Transport Pig Pass" software in the slaughter process, and promote the interconnection of information on platforms such as the "Zhongnan Transport Pig Pass", the pig transport vehicle filing system, and the animal epidemic prevention supervision and management system.


(18) Carry out special actions for the supervision of the slaughtering industry.Strengthen the inspection of slaughterhouses that stop production or shut down to prevent unauthorized resumption of production; Urge slaughtering enterprises to strictly implement the main responsibility of quality and safety, and implement detailed management measures; Urge resident official veterinarians to perform slaughter and quarantine duties in accordance with the law; Do a good job in monitoring the quality and safety risks of slaughtering. Severely crack down on illegal activities such as illegal slaughter, water injection, and slaughter of sick and dead livestock and poultry to ensure the quality and safety of livestock and poultry products.


(xix) Carry out actions to improve feed production management and quality and safety supervision.Standardize feed production behavior, revise the "Measures for the Management of Experts for On-site Review of Feed and Feed Additive Production Licenses (Trial)", and strictly implement various management tasks such as feed production administrative licenses, product entrustment records, free sales certificates, and feed production information statistics. Strengthen the training guidance and implementation supervision of the entrusted matters of feed administrative licensing, and promote the reform of "release, management and service. Effectively strengthen the supervision and management of feed quality and safety, and carry out random inspections of feed product quality and safety, risk early warning monitoring, on-site inspections, special inspections of feed labels, and special monitoring of "Clenbuterol" in breeding links.


(20) Carry out veterinary drug quality and safety supervision actions.Strengthen the supervision and inspection of veterinary drug production and operation enterprises, standardize production and operation behavior, and compact the main responsibility of enterprise product quality and safety. Clean up enterprises that do not meet the standards of veterinary drug production quality management, supervise and spot check veterinary drug products, severely crack down on illegal activities such as production and operation of fake and inferior veterinary drugs and "own seedlings", so as to ensure the quality and safety of veterinary drug products.


(21) Carry out fresh milk quality supervision actions.Improve the service capacity of dairy production performance measurement center, strengthen the construction of dairy quality and safety supervision system, and improve the quality and safety supervision level of fresh milk. Implement a fresh milk quality and safety monitoring plan, strengthen the supervision of fresh milk production, purchase, transportation and other links to ensure full coverage of monitoring, leaving no regulatory gaps. Give full play to the role of industry associations, build a fresh milk price negotiation mechanism, and standardize the purchase and sale order of fresh milk.


(22) Strengthen industry safety production management.In strict accordance with the principle of "safety must be managed in the industry, safety must be managed in the business, and safety must be managed in the production", clarify the division of work responsibilities and tasks, consolidate the main responsibility of enterprise safety production, strengthen the guidance and supervision of the safety production of feed enterprises, carry out the special actions of "strong supervision to ensure safety" and "unsafe and non-slaughtering" in the slaughtering industry, and carry out special inspection actions of safety production in the veterinary drug industry and veterinary laboratory, urge enterprises to resolve security risks in a timely manner.

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