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Trace elements?

trace element


Trace elements are essential nutrients for animals in modern animal husbandry production. They are the active centers of key enzymes such as nutrition, immunity, digestion, growth, metabolism and so on. The lack of trace elements and excessive addition of unreasonable use can cause animal immunity, hormone secretion, growth retardation, material disease, reproductive dysfunction and so on.


copper deficiency in pigs

pig iron deficiency anemia

manganese deficiency in chicken

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A Brief History of the Development of Trace Elements


Inorganic salts

trace element

Low price, poor palatability, easy antagonism, poor stability, large interference by gastrointestinal contents, low digestion and absorption rate...

amino acid complex salt

The palatability, stability, absorption and utilization rate are greatly improved than inorganic salts, and have the advantages of strong anti-interference, good stability and easy absorption.

small peptide chelate salt

Relying on the unique absorption system of small peptides to promote the absorption of trace elements, it has the advantages of less antagonism, stronger anti-interference, better stability, difficult to dissociate, and efficient absorption and utilization.

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Industry status

Commodity prices, including corn, soybean meal, non-ferrous metals and other raw materials rose sharply; international and domestic logistics costs... Livestock prices are in a downward or depressed state;Excess addition of trace elements endangers the safety of feed products...

feed product safety

heavy metal pollution

Feed raw materials rise


small peptide chelate salt--Xing Peptide

Our company actively responded to the national policy, complied with the development of the feed industry, gathered the strength of all branches of the group, and concentrated on the development of safe, clean and efficient small peptide chelated salts--Xing Peptide.

Production process

   Xingtilexin is made from soy protein isolate that is enzymatically cut into small peptides and then chelated with trace elements under appropriate conditions.



Functional features

Advantages of Organic Protein Ore


Metal ions are chelated with specific soybean small peptides, soybean protein isolate magazine is rare, and the safety risk is low


Unique microcapsule technology chelate production process, with moderate chelating strength of metal ions


Good stability in gastric acid environment, small dissociation loss, strong ability to pass the stomach


Simulating animal digestion and absorption forms: small peptide channels


Efficient absorption, storage, utilization, adding small amount


Effectively improve animal anti-stress, immunity, reproduction and other production performance

Schematic diagram of trace element absorption mechanism



Practical effect

"Whether the effect is good or not, the data has the final say"


Improve the performance of weaned piglets


Improving egg production rate of white feather breeders


Improving the growth performance of growing-finishing pigs


Reduce product oxidation rate and extend product shelf life


Significant emission reduction effect, safety and environmental protection





Advanced equipment, patented production process



One bag, one yard, full traceability


Professional testing personnel, advanced equipment, product quality is guaranteed




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