Xingtenke 2022 is in good luck!



the new year is a thing of the past, when work is in progress;

New work, new departure, new journey, and hard work;

The money is rolling in to the three rivers, and the business is booming!

10: 00 on February 10, 2022

Xingtenke Group is in good luck!


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Wu Juewen, chairman of the group, delivered a speech, thanking each employee of xingteng for his contribution to the development of the group in the past year. 2022 will be an important year. The new journey will set sail. We should forge ahead, make breakthroughs and achieve better results!

Subsequently, Liu Jianhui, deputy general manager of the base, held a work meeting on the first floor of the group headquarters to resume work and production safety, aiming to make the work smoothly started as soon as possible after the year.

Wu Zhifei, head of the production department, presided over the safety education meeting on the resumption of work and production, explained to the staff the matters needing attention in fire control, safety production, resumption of work and production after the festival, and shared the cases of production accidents, reminding us to improve safety awareness and carry out various work in an orderly and efficient manner.


At this point, Xingteng Ke's 2022 commencement ceremony has been successfully concluded! In the new year, xingteng group will, as always, provide you with high-quality products and services!I wish everyone a happy New Year, smooth work and great power!


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