Foshan Institute of Science and Technology Exchange Learning Tour

In order to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities, promote the establishment of R & D platforms and achievement transformation platforms, and take many measures to continuously deepen industry-university-research cooperation, our company

Li Xuewen, director of the quality control department, and his party went to Foshan Institute of Science and Technology for exchange and study. Professor Zhang Huihua of the School of Life Science and Engineering gave us a table of arrival.

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The two sides conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on the operation of using atomic absorption to measure the content of trace elements in animal tissues, and on each step of the detection process,

Through the professional rigorous test data, in order to ensure the accuracy of the test results.



In recent years, Xingteng has always attached importance to industry-university-research cooperation, and has established long-term close cooperative relations with South China Agricultural University and Foshan Institute of Science and Technology. Construction with school enterprises

The establishment of a strategic partnership not only provides high-quality talents for Xingtenke, but also promotes the in-depth development of Xingtenke's independent research and development. "Relying on science and technology to create a great cause, fine

We have been committed to building a world-class agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise in the field of trace element application.

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Warmly welcome Remego Animal Health Technology Co., Ltd. and his party to visit our company for exchange.

It is expected that the two sides will continue to maintain close cooperation and work together to achieve win-win development in the future.

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Warmly congratulate 2022/2023 China Feed Industry Exhibition successfully held!

Thank you new and old customers for your strong support to Xingteng Branch! Looking forward to seeing you again and creating a better future!