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Xingtenaceae snowflake 99 contains fully dissolved humic acid salt and a variety of active trace elements, which can shade and inhibit moss, weaken cyanobacteria, dinoflagellate and other undesirable algae photosynthesis. Effectively prevent and control the occurrence of serious pollution and eutrophic water caused by the use of fecal fertilizer in aging ponds (in large quantities); The unique compound formula of trace elements and humic acid salt obviously promotes the growth of beneficial diatoms and bacteria in water and stabilizes the water ecosystem.

Xingteng Kodishukang is a water ecological environment repair agent, containing 50% potassium peroxyhydrogen sulfate, using the company's unique dilution formula, safe and non-irritating, can efficiently oxidize pond bottom silt, efficiently oxidize sub-salt, methane, hydrogen sulfide, humus and other source substances, and enhance the permeability of aquaculture water.

The main components of Xingtenke micro-mineral quick supplement are active trace elements, which can supplement the mineral trace elements required for the proliferation of algae and bacteria in the water body to maintain its efficient operation; it can quickly penetrate the water body and increase the upper limit of dissolved oxygen storage in the water body.

Xingtenke has launched Changtaikang products for poultry intestinal problems to protect poultry intestinal health, promote the proliferation of beneficial intestinal bacteria Bifidobacteria, inhibit harmful fermentation products, effectively inhibit the growth of spoilage bacteria, and promote the absorption of calcium ions, magnesium ions, zinc ions, ferrous ions, copper ions and other minerals.

Xingtenke super hoof treasure by a variety of organic trace elements compound, can effectively reduce the bottom crack, lateral crack, transverse crack, crack and other hoof limb abnormalities, prolong the service life of pigs, improve fecundity, activate immunity and so on.

Xingtenke Yule chromium is organic chromium, the composition is chromium picolinate, can maintain the normal level of blood glucose in livestock and poultry, promote the synthesis of high-density lipoprotein, regulate animal endocrine, enhance the ability of livestock and poultry to resist stress, improve the quality of livestock and poultry carcass, improve lean meat percentage and so on.

Xingteng care heparin by a variety of organic trace elements and plant extracts compound, anti-inflammatory detoxification, protect animal liver; a variety of tonic ingredients to stimulate animal growth, give full play to and improve the body's own disease prevention potential; at the same time can improve the meat flavor.

Compared with conventional selenium, Youle selenium has the advantages of easy absorption and utilization, stable properties, high efficiency and low toxicity. Nano organic selenium has a large surface area ratio, contains a large number of active centers, has a strong catalytic ability, and can be quickly absorbed by animal bodies. Nano-organic selenium can efficiently scavenge free radicals, protect liver and detoxify, enhance immunity and improve animal fecundity through the enzymatic reaction of glutathione peroxidase.

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