Guangdong Xingtengke successfully passed the annual on-site audit of quality management and food safety management system

The company attaches great importance to this external audit. Prior to the annual audit, the company set up an internal audit team, which went through a series of quality management standard training, internal audit and

Management review, in17-19 this monthAccept the external supervision and audit of Beijing Hua Si Lian Certification Center expert Du teacher.




The audit teacher conducted a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the company's production and business activities, through the inspection of various archived materials and on-site inspection methods,Division of various departments

And the production process, plant facilities and equipment, the effectiveness of the operation of quality system documents, the continuous operation of the system and other aspects of the audit.. During the audit, each department head

Guan made detailed records of the questions and suggestions raised by the auditing teacher.




At the last audit meeting, Mr. Du, an audit expert from Beijing Huas Lian Certification Center, summarized the audit.The operation of our system is affirmed.Trial

The problems found in the nuclear process have also put forward opinions and suggestions. I believe that we will further standardize the operation of the management system through improvement and protect the quality of products..


Subsequently, the company held a logistics work summary meeting. At the meeting, Deputy General Manager Liu Jianhui first summarized the work of our company in the first three quarters and deployed it in December ahead of schedule.

Work plan and arrangement for January 2022. Finally, at the meeting, the team members discussed in detail the non-conformity and suggestion items put forward by the audit teacher, and put forward

corresponding solution.


Our company will take the quality management and food safety management system as the standard, truly integrate the system content with the actual work, and realize the comprehensiveness of the quality management work,Department

Unified, standardized and standardized to ensure that the company strictly controls product quality and improves service levels.

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